About Health Beat TV


The Premiere of Health Beat

Dr. Watson introduced the “Health Beat” Show back in 1995 on the Soul Beat International Television Network, a popular cable network cablecasting from Oakland, CA since the late 1970s. The show was aired LIVE and garnered instant popularity do in part to Dr. Watson’s informative and compassionate persona. The Health Beat show also featured a call-in segment for viewers to get expert advice from Dr. Watson and guests covering many fields of medicine, health and wellness.


Throughout The Years

Under the "Health Beat" brand, Dr. Watson hosted many free health screenings including; blood pressure, diabetes, prostate, Hepititus C, hypertension, breast cancer, HIV and other community health concerns. 


Reaching over 4 million viewers!

The "Health Beat" TV Show airs on KOFY-TV 20 (Comcast Cable Channel 13) Sundays @ 9:00 am in the San Francisco Bay Area, the #6 television market in the country. 'Health Beat broadcast in ALL 9 Bay Area Counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma.


Health Beat News

Health Beat News highlights existing concerns regarding health and wellness. HealthBeat News emphasizes treatments, cures and overall prevention. Hear advice from experts, view medical advancements and get valuable contact information. You can also email questions for guidance in preserving great health.

5 Minutes of Flavor

Delicious entrees, healthy cuisines and easy to make meals are the recipe for this tasty Health Beat segment. Celebrity Chef Daryl Dillahunty “dishes” on healthy mealtime options for individuals and family. Cost-effective groceries for those on a budget, specialty and dietary foods are also discussed.

Science 101

Cat Bobino, Scientist is the host for a fun segment mixing science with pop culture titled, “A Cat Knows”. Cat gives you insight on sciences’ involving; bodily functions, insects, environment and other scientific interests while using a clever mix of music and visuals.

Physical Fitness

Join the Health Beat team in their mission for a Fit America. Learn from fitness authorities about exercising trends and proper workout etiquette for your physique. Also gain knowledge on good diet and exercise habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Talk

Health Beat often talks to professional and amateur athletes, coaches, trainers and key staff about sports conditioning, dieting and medical treatments. View footage of their workout regiments and hear the steps they take to sustain complete fitness control.

Special Guest

Entertainment interviews are a crowd favorite on The Health Beat Show. Listen to what public figures do to conserve good health with their take on eating habits, nutrition and exercise. Find the common goals between celebrated personalities and their audience.